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on 25th, during Rising European Stars Session (from 16.15 to 17.15)
Dino Accoto
President & CEO 
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ID-NEST Medical

Presentation Time and Location
11:30 | Track A | 25th
Company Profile

ID-NEST is currently developping a new, disruptive way to rebuild vascular bifurcations. Targeted indications are Aortic Arch Aneurysms and Compressed Veins. Our technology focuses on a patented way to connect 2 self-expandable stents on site, in order to restore native vessel capacities. 

Company Type

endograft, stent graft, deep vein thrombosis, post-thrombotic syndrom, compressed veins, aortic arch aneurysms, self-expanding stents

Year Founded
Management Team

Experienced and complementary team.

Scientific Committee comprises Pr Nabil Chakfé (Strasbourg), Dr Philippe Nicolini (Lyon), Pr Gerard O'Sullivan (Galway), Pr Stephen Black (London), Pr Armando Mansilha (Porto), Dr Olivier Hartung (Marseille).

Operational Team comprises:

. C. Tézenas du Montcel, CEO, MBA, 20+ years of experience at Management level in the Vascular Devices industry,

. William Wiecek, COO, 25+ years in the Medical Devices Industry. QA/RA specialist.

Financial Summary

We're looking at a 10 millions € need, with a first slice of 2 millions € now to fund the Technological Development, followed by a 8 millions € slice to fund the clinicals

Mr Christophe  Tezenas du Montcel
Mr Christophe Tezenas du Montcel
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