Presentation Time and Location
on 27th, during Rising Biotech Stars Session (from 14.00 to 16.00)
Company Profile
ADCendo is a biotech start-up company based on a novel cancer drug, invented by the company founders.
The drug is an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC), targeting cancer types that currently cannot be cured.
• Unmet need: Targeted therapy against sarcomas (primary bone cancer and soft tissue tumors), glioblastomas (GBM; the most malignant brain tumors) and certain types of leukemia
• Product: Antibody-drug-conjugate (ADC) against the collagen receptor uPARAP , with proven in vitro efficiency against cell lines of the cancer types mentioned, and convincing in vivo proof of concept in a model of solid cancer.
For sarcomas, no efficient treatment exists if metastasis has occurred. GBM is an extremely aggressive type of cancer and is incurable. For leukemia, some sub-types can be treated but relapse is common, mortality still high and additional treatment options are strongly needed.

Actual status:
• Proof of concept of receptor-specific and potent killing of sarcoma, GBM and leukemic cells has been obtained in vitro
• Very high efficiency and wide window of specificity
• A 100 % cure rate obtained in mice with transplanted human tumor cells, with no adverse effects observed
• Priority-founding patent applications filed
• Commercialization process supported by pre-seed grant from Novo Seeds, Denmark
• Company ADCendo has been founded
• Ideal scientific and clinical network, with founders based in university and hospital positions
• Contact established with key opinion leaders
• Pre-clinical and early clinical development plan in place
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