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on 25th, during Rising European Stars Session (from 16.15 to 17.15)
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Hylomorph is a newly formed medical device company based in Switzerland with a breakthrough technology to improve the biocompatibility of medical implants. Upon implantation, devices such as cardiac implantable electronic devices or breast implants are perceived as a foreign body resulting in the formation of fibrotic (scar) tissue around the implant over time. This can lead to severe complications both for patient and surgeon during revision surgery resulting in additional costs of care.

Hylomorph has developed a novel material from biocellulose which has a unique macro and micro morphology disrupting both protein and fibroblast adhesion, blocking the process of fibrotic capsule formation.  This material can be formed into a variety of shapes which can be placed around the implantable device, both acting as a physical barrier and an active anti-fibrotic membrane.

Hylomorph is applying this technology to the two largest implantable medical device markets: cardiac implantable electronic devices, and breast implants, aiming to reduce significantly the clinical and economic problems associated with fibrotic capsule formation. Clinical trials will commence in 2018 with CE mark and FDA 510k clearance planned for 2020.     

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Series A planned for Q2 2018

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